Abstract/geometric backpiece by Thomas Hooper, Saved Tattoo, New York.

For me, this stands out in Hooper’s pieces because it fits in well with an often overlooked aspect of the body… hair.  Look closely;  as well as Hooper’s characteristic dotwork and geometric patterning, you can see that the client’s back hair has grown back.  This is clearly a bloke who has a little bit of back hair, and it works in well with the stippling/shading on the geometric sessions.  If you’ve got a bit of back hair - and most of us do - you need to consider how any tattoos will work in with that.  Face it, you’re probably not going to spend the rest of your life shaving your back;  having a tattoo that works in well with the hair - and is as jawdropping as this - is a big plus. 

Chapeau to Mr Hooper for this one.